How many member states will the European Union have in 2025?

The European Union has 27 member states (as of May 2020). The last change in the number was the exit of Great Britain.

Currently, Five countries registered their interest to become a member of the EU. Turkey (applied in 1987), North Macedonia (applied in 2004), Montenegro (applied in 2008), Albania (applied in 2009), and Serbia (applied in 2009). Turkey accession talks are currently at a standstill; the other four countries are actively negotiating conditions of the entry.

On the other side, Great Britain showed the way out of the EU. The mechanism of how to exit the EU officially does not exist, but Great Britain set a precedent.

In your opinion, how many countries will be part of the European Union in 2025?

How many member states will European Union have in 2025?

Share the details who will be in and why in the comments section below.

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