Nike or Adidas?

There are two big competitors in the field of sports apparel and shoes. Yes, we know there are more companies having their share of the niche. But Nike and Adidas are definitely the biggest and most known brands.

Nike, Inc. was founded in 1964 in Eugene, Oregon. Its logo is probably the most famous worldwide.

Yearly revenues of Nike are well above $35 billion and its biggest endorsers are e.g. Michael Jordan, Rafael Nadal, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Adidas AG was founded in 1949 in Herzogenaurach, Germany by Adolf Dassler. It was the most exclusive sports brand in early 80s till the Nike prevailed.

Yearly revenues of Adidas are around $26 billion and its biggest stars are James Harden, and Leo Messi.

Which brand do you like more? Which shoes and apparel do you prefer? Nike or Adidas?

Nike or Adidas?