Which party will claim the majority in Senate after mid-term elections?

The Senate mid-term elections will be held on November, 8, 2022. There will be run-off for 34 seats out of 100 seats.

Currently, 50 seats are held by Democrats (or Independent voting with Democrats), and 50 seats are held by Republicans. The decisive vote is owned by the vice-president of the USA, Kamala Harris.

Senate elections are held every two years, with third of seats running for re-elections.

The mid-term elections will be very important. Without a majority in the Senate, the presidential administration of Joe Biden will have a hard time pushing the legislature through the Senate.

In 2022, 14 Democrats and 20 Republicans will seek re-election.

What do you think which party will claim the majority after November, 8, 2022?

Which party will claim majority in the Senate after mid-term elections?