Who will win the next UK general elections?

The last parliamentary elections in the U.K. were held in December 2019. The conservative party with its leader and prime minister Boris Johnson gained the majority of 365 seats (out of 650) in the House of Commons.

Johnson won with the vow to get the Brexit done. However, after initial success with fulfilling his promise in January 2020, he faced a lot of difficult challenges. The outbreak of COVID-19 and the slow reaction of the government was the first big test. The test at which his government failed. Then the sharp economic turndown caused by the lockdown was another challenge he needs to solve.

Labour Party gained just 202 seats in the House of Commons in 2019. That led to the inevitable change of leader. Keir Starmer, the 58-year-old lawyer, replaced Jeremy Corbyn.

The next general elections are scheduled for Thursday, 2 May 2024. But the long political history of the UK showed that early elections are not uncommon there.

Who will win the next UK Parliamentary elections?