Will Donald Trump run for the presidency again?

Donald Trump served as the president of the USA for one term from 2017 until 2021.

He was defeated in November 2020 by Joe Biden, who took the oath and became 46th president of the USA in January 2021.

Donald Trump lost twice in the popular vote (2016 to Hillary Clinton, 2020 to Joe Biden). However, he lost just once in Electoral College.

He has never admitted the loss and probably still believes he won. However, the facts and reality is quite the opposite.

He faced two impeachments, several prosecutions, and it is still possible he will face a trial in some of his cases (not related to the presidency).

Lately, he said he would consider running for office again. Though, the decision will not come sooner than in 2022 after the mid-term Senate elections.

What do you think, will Donald Trump run again?

Will Donald Trump run for president again?